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Welcome to the Patti Parrish School of Dance

   Patti Parrish School of Dance is a place for children to grow and learn dance, become confident in their own abilities, and use these abilities to achieve their life dreams.  Along the way, they will feel part of something very unique and special.  We believe that every student can enjoy the wonderful art of dance.  A "whole child" approach permeates our dance studio, which has created a family atmosphere full of joy and creativity. 


   Our studio strives to provide a fantastic learning experience for students of all ages and create memories that they will cherish throughout life.  

   At Patti Parrish School of Dance, we believe the education that dancers receive from the art of dance is unmatched by most other disciplines and sports.  The satisfaction we get from watching so many amazing kids grow up and learn to love and appreciate dance is immeasurable! We want to provide unique opportunities for our dancers, and help them experience many disciplines of dance.  We want our students to strive for and achieve high goals, while at the same time having fun.  We want the experience dancers have here to be a lasting part of growing up... to help them with whatever path they choose to take, whether they choose to become a dancer or a doctor.  

   It is our hope that the lessons they learn at Patti Parrish School of Dance will last a lifetime.



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