We will be utilizing text reminders for all of our dance classes this year.  Please text to 81010 with the following codes.   

All Dancers text to 81010 with text @ppdance

Please also text for each class below that your student is enrolled in.  This will ensure that you receive appropriate information for each class.


**These have NOT been updated for the 2019-2020 season as of yet.   

Monday Classes:

                                Text to 81010

                                with the message:

Petite Company   @pppetiteco

Mini Company     @ppminico

Senior Company @ppseniorco

Teen Acro             @ppteenacro

Elem 1 5:30          @monelem1

Tuesday Classes:

                          Text to 81010

                           with the message

Elem 4 4:30      @pptueselem

Velocity             @ppvelocity

Hip Hop/Acro   @pphipacro

Pointe                @pppointe

Teen class         @ppteen

Wednedsay Classes:

                              Text to 81010

                              with the message:

2 Year Old 4:30   @ppwed2

3 Year Old 4:30   @ppwed3

4 year Old 5:30   @ppwed4

Elem Hip Hop     @ppelemhip

Thursday classes:

                               Text to 81010

                               with the message:

Elem 2  4:30           @thurselem2

Elem 3  4:30           @thurselem3

4 year Olds 6:30    @ppthurs4

Elem Acro               @ppelemacro

Teen Hip Hop         @ppteenhip

Competitive Solos, Duos and Trios:          @ppsdt

Velocity Competitive Group:                      @ppvelcomp