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Velocity Competition Team


 Velocity is an opportunity for serious dancers to more quickly develop their technique, expand their skill set, practice audition skills, participate in more competitions, and better prepare for those competitions.  

As dance educators, we want our dancers to focus on doing their very BEST.  By BEST, we mean developing their inner passion of the art form of dance, as well as a sense of motivation and self-discipline necessary to reach their full potential.  We know dancers tend to be perfectionists, but we don’t expect perfection.  We simply expect their sincerest efforts at being the best they can be and that’s what we are here to help them do!  We hope that some of what our dancers learn from being a part of this team are “life lessons” that will serve them in other areas of their lives. 

Contracts for the Velocity team are due in May for the following competition season.  Please speak to your dance teacher for more information on how to sign up! 

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